Company Policies

Hawaii Life Policies & Procedures - information about the day-to-day operations of the company.

Marketing Policy - when you understand our Marketing systems and guidelines you get better results.

Social Media Guidelines & Policies - here are a few social media guidelines that must be adhered to.

Blogging Guidelines & FAQs - here are a few guidelines and FAQs related to blogging.

Referral Team Policy - if you'd like to begin receiving Company Referrals, learn how in this policy.

Sign Off Policy - if you resign from Hawai'i Life, please review this policy.

Purchase Contract Guidelines - please refer to these guidelines when writing your next contract.

Listing Guidelines - please adhere to these listing guidelines.


General FAQs

Q. How do I setup auto-deposit?

Email Sara in Accounting a photocopy of a voided personal check (not from your business or entity name) to have your commissions directly deposited into your bank account.

Important Notes Your account must be with Bank of Hawaii or First Hawaiian Bank (HL is unable to make deposits into other financial institutions at this time).

This is a complimentary (optional) service from Hawai’i Life. If you do nothing here, your commission checks will be sent regular mail.

Q. What are the Hawaii Life Agent fees and when are they billed?

  1. Hawaii Life Google Account: $100 per year + GET. Billed at sign-on and every first of October for the following calendar year.
  2. Salesforce Account: $50 per month + GET. Billed quarterly for $150 every first of January, April, July and October.
  3. Errors & Omissions and General Liability Insurance: $50 per month + GET. Billed quarterly for $150 every first of January, April, July and October.
  4. Luxury Portfolio (if applicable – see your broker): $26.85 per month + GET. Billed quarterly for $80.55 every first of January, April, July and October.
  5. Christie's International real Estate (for participating agents): amount by island varies per month + GET.  Billed quarterly every first of January, April, July and October.


Real Estate Related

Q: Where else are you going to publish my listing online besides

List Hub Sites - we will publish your listing on 130 other websites using List Hub

Q. How do I access the Buyer’s Handbook?

Buyer’s Handbook – offers guidance for your Buyer Clients during their purchasing process

Q. How do I access the Hawaii Life listing presentation?

Listing Presentations – this is a First Class presentation you can download to your computer or iPad explaining why Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers is the best choice for Sellers seeking a Realtor.

Q. How do I access the Hawaii Life Sphere Of Influence (SOI) Letter?

Sphere Of Influence (SOI) Letter – this is a basic template from Matt Beall you can customize and send to your Clients and Contacts when announcing your move to Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers.

Account Access

Q. How do I access my Hawaii Life email account?

Hawaii Life Email Account

Q. How do I access my admin account? Admin Account

Q. I can’t access my email account. What do I do?

Google Username/Password Recovery Tool

Q. How do I change my email password?

Learn More

Q. How do I change my admin account password?

  1. After you've logged into your admin account, click blue HL logo to upper left
  2. You'll notice your name in upper right menu - hover mouse over your name
  3. Click "Account Settings"
  4. Scroll to password field and enter new password twice
  5. Click blue "Update Password" button to save changes

Q. I have more than 1 Google account. What do I do?

Setup Multiple Google Sign Ons


Sending Emails

Q. I need to correspond with all agents in a particular office. What do I do?

Use a group email alias:

Q. I need to be added as a member of an email distribution group. What do I do?

Email Rhonda Hay – let her know your email address and the alias name you wish to be added to.


Software Related

Q. How do I use DropBox to share photos or files?

Learn More

Q: How do I replace the document in a Docusign envelope and not lose the existing tagging and addenda, etc.?

  1. Make corrections to PC in Zipforms
  2. Save the PC as a PDF to computer
  3. Log into Docusign
  4. Click on down arrow to the right of the envelope the PC is in and choose "correct"
  5. The envelope will now open.
  6. Click "edit Documents & Tags" at the bottom left of page.
  7. Click "Documents" on the right side of the page
  8. Click the down arrow to the right of the PC.
  9. Click "replace document" (the bottom option)
  10. Click browse from my computer
  11. Find the file where you saved it on the computer and click ok at the bottom
  12. Docusign will now take you back to your document envelope.
  13. Click "Correct" at the bottom left of screen.



Code of Ethics

NAR Code of Ethics Website