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Contact the various business units below for support.

Marketing Help – Contact the Create Team for marketing questions or Smarketing assistance.

Business Help – Contact your BIC for business decisions, client relations, and company policies.

Technical Help – Visit or email

Brokerage Tools – Explore the Labs blog to discover inspiration and insights related to the industry.



Luxury Portfolio

Luxury Portfolio is the largest network of Top Independent Brokerages in the world, and is a program for $1M+ listings, currently available to Maui, Oahu, Kauai and Big Island agents. There is a yearly fee. For additional questions, please email John Climaldi at

Luxury Portfolio Program Information:

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LP Magazine Pages
LP Marketing Support Flyer
LP Tools Salon 2016
LP Top Ten Tools
LP What To Say When Competing Against
LP What Every Sales Associate Should Know
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Common Questions

Q: "Why can't I enter an escrow officer, realtor, vendor, on my Escrow in PropertyBase!"

A: For data integrity purposes and so that all agents can access these vendors, Hawaii Life needs to create and own these contacts in our system. Please submit any vendor that is not available to, and we will get them in ASAP.

Q: "Why is my listing not displaying correctly on"

A: Could be a million reasons, but we would love to research it for you. Sometimes it is sloppy data entry by the agent in the MLS, but a lot of the times is has to do with our database and server. We consider data integrity paramount to what we are trying to accomplish with the website. Please bring these issues to our attention right away! Again, email and be sure to include the MLS #.


Sign-On & Training

If you need further support with sign-on, HL login accounts, Gmail, blog set-up, Docusign and Salesforce accounts, contact our "Initiator", Rhonda Hay (

PropertyBase is our CRM and transaction management software. It is a powerful tool and takes a few walk-throughs to get the hang of. Rhonda Hay is our statewide systems trainer and should be contacted for questions about data input and system applications.

Rhonda Hay, Sign-on and Training



BICs can assist you with best-practice business decisions, client relationships, and company policy. If you have a conflict or problem that directly involves your BIC, then, and only then, contact the Principal Broker.

Katie Minkus, Director of Business Development (

Rhonda Lee Hay, Director of Operations (

Beth Thoma Robinson, Director of Conservation and Legacy Lands (

Jeff Simon, BIC Maui (

JJ Leininger, BIC Poipu, Kauai (

John Climaldi, BIC Oahu (

Julie Keller, BIC Big Island (

Renee Hill, BIC Big Island (

Leiola Augustine, BIC Big Island (

Rod Easterly, BIC Kauai (

Matt Beall, Principal Broker (


Transaction Management

Hawaii Life has a Transaction Management(TM) team that handles escrows from opening to closing. The Basic service is complimentary for transactions involving HL Leads. (Does not include LeadingRE referrals.)

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DiSC® Profile Training

In this video, Beth Holiday defines personality types and how recognizing these types will help your interactions with potential buyers:

Improve Your Relationships

In this video, Beth Holiday gives great ideas for making yourself a more productive worker:

Self Mastery Seminar