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Access Additional Related Systems

Salesforce provides access to the following:

1. HL Email
2. HL Blog
3. Smarketing System
4. Your Tasks & Calendar
5. Reports and Property Stats
6. Your MLS System (ie. HI-Central, HIS, etc)


Salesforce Functions

Salesforce is setup to perform the following functions:

  • Communicate directly with your fellow teammates via Chatter
  • Manage communication contacts
  • View and manage inquiries from your contacts
  • View and manage companies
  • Manage your listings
  • Manage escrows
  • Write offers
  • Create and schedule tasks


Working with Prospects

Customer Experience is the first point of interaction with any customer or client who contacts Hawaii Life online. Their job is to provide customer service, and to assist and incubate prospects. When a Prospect is ready to work with a Real Estate Agent, Customer Experience will make the introduction and the Prospect then becomes a Referral to the agent.

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Salesforce FAQs

Did you know about the Help Icon in Salesforce? Each screen in Salesforce contains an orange icon titled Help For This Page (upper righthand corner) which provides useful information. If you are unable to find a solution here, you can always email us at


Video Tutorials

Introduction to Salesforce CRM
Creating Views of Objects in Salesforce
Manage Listings in Salesforce


Managing Contacts

Q; How do I import all of my contacts into my account?

Use this template to format your contacts in a .csv file. email it to with request to import for you.

Q: How do I manage my contacts in Salesforce?

Use this guide in the Salesforce help section to learn how to manage your contacts.