Hawaii Life Referral Team Policy

Customer Experience Team

The Customer Experience Team is the first point of interaction with any customer or client who contacts Hawaii Life online or via the company’s phone numbers. Their job is to provide customer service, and to assist and incubate Opportunities. When an Opportunity is ready to work with a Real Estate Agent, Customer Experience will make the introduction and the Opportunity then becomes a Referral to the agent.

Customer Experience works for you, a Hawaii Life agent AND helps people visiting our website and affiliate presences.

What Is

Hawaii Life marketing professionals and ISA’s, Inside Support Associates, laboring in unity to create and sustain people relationships surrounding Hawaii real estate.


To do deals. The goal of our team is to generate, cultivate and sort through the masses of opportunities to find the best of the best for you. We deal with volume!

The Magic

Work. Labor. Love. Our process starts immediately with call-text-email. If there is no response, we set the follow up process for igniting engagement. We rely on proven, system automated and manual methods. Targeted personality type communication is key. We vet HL opportunities to make the best possible match with our agents.

We ask for basic information: representation, location, time frame, budget, military, funding affiliation? Then make the Pro connection. ISA’s will follow up with prospects periodically in an effort to conserve a great experience. People are not perfect. No one person or opportunity is like another, which is why it is important for our team to make a connection on a personal level.


Phone reception and routing. Phone outreach. SMS-Text reception and outreach. Website LiveChat reception and outreach. Inquiry reception, process and routing. Response/Support ticket service. Email messaging and communication. Platform specific communication. Notifications. Reporting and monitoring. Database management. Audience creation. Campaign creation. Digital platform marketing deployment.

Hawaii Life Referral

This type of opportunity refers to a prospect, client that has contacted us on a Hawaii life platform channel. (live chat, form inquiries, social media, phone, network connections, HGTV, etc.)


It is important to note what kind of property the prospect is searching; MLS listings, foreclosures, pre-market foreclosures.

Pre-market foreclosures are Zillow’s way of guessing which homes may be foreclosures in the future. There are many variables to determine this, the most common being default of mortgage payment. Zillow opportunities tend to be trickier, they have reached out to multiple agencies and are likely speaking to more than one agent.

We try to get to these opportunities as quickly as possible, it is more than likely that a prospect will work with the first person they talk to.

Our Agents, Our Partners, Our Pros

We want partners that are willing to provide a level of professional and customer service that they may not even provide to their SOI. You are a major component of the equation. ISA’s have access to basic information. We rely on you to take the opportunities, combine with your expertise and skills to flourish. Most notably; Clear communicating with your feeders and team members.


To become a part of the Referral Team, Agents must meet the following requirements:

1. Complete the Training and Quiz
2. Learn to log communication and setup tasks in Salesforce.
3. Install Salesforce mobile app
4. Install Google Hangouts App and sign in with @hawaiilife.com account. iOS install link | Android install link Customer Experience chat communication for Referrals.
5. Watch the Opportunity Sales Process video
6. Complete the Referral Team Application
7. Update and maintain your online presence, including social accounts.

(Failure to follow these rules may result in probation or removal from the Referral Team):

Any inquiry made from the Company's website, paid advertising or main toll-free number* qualifies as a company-owned opportunity and, once introduced to an agent, Referral. (*Note that the company maintains a separate toll-free number for yard signs.)

  • Referrals are distributed at the sole discretion of the Broker-In-Charge, Director of Customer Experience, and/or Principal Broker.

  • Referrals distributed (from the company to Agents), belong to the Company and do not expire. The Referral may, at any time, be reassigned at the Company's discretion. Deleting a Referral from Salesforce or taking any action to subvert the company's access to the Referral are grounds for immediate dismissal.

  • If a Referral is already the Agent's existing Client, a referral fee will not be charged. A "Client" is defined as a person who the Agent has had an existing active contract with (e.g. Buyer's Representation Agreement, Purchase Contract, Listing Agreement) prior to that Agent receiving the Referral. Any other exceptions must be approved by both the BIC and the Director of Customer Experience.

  • An Agent may not refer a company Referral to another Agent. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you cannot service in a timely fashion, return it back to the ISA.

  • If you receive a Referral that is an active Client, you must notify Customer Experience or the Director of Customer Experience within 48 hours (BICs and the Principal Broker do not count). Failure to do so will result in the standard 30% referral fee to the Company. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • You must be on Google Hangouts to receive a Referral. It is recommended that you chat Customer Experience and let them know you are available.

  • If Customer Experience chats you asking if you are available, DO NOT accept unless you are actually ready to service the Referral. Do let Customer Experience know when you will be ready, because you may still get the Referral.

  • Referrals to your Salesforce email account.

  • Agents must maintain an active online presence.


  • A 30% referral fee to Hawaii Life off the top for all Referrals, and then Agents will be paid at their regular commission split. One transaction per referral client, only.

  • If a HL buyer opportunity buys a Hawaii Life listing = 20% commission to Referral Team on buy side and 10% commission to listing agent on buy side.

  • If a HL buyer opportunity buys a HL listing opportunity = 30% commission to Referral Team on sell side AND 30% commission to Referral Team on buy side. (i.e. no 10% commission to listing agent if listing was also an opportunity.)

  • If a HL listing opportunity sells to a non-Hawaii Life buyer = 30% commission to Referral Team on sell side.

  • If a HL listing opportunity sells to a Hawaii Life buyer that is not a HL buyer opportunity = 30% commission to Referral Team on sell side.

Listing Opportunities

  • Inquiries on Hawaii Life listings will be shared with the Listing Agent. If the Listing Agent sells the Opportunity a property, there will not be a referral fee.

  • If a Hawaii Life listing is sold through Customer Experience, the Listing Agent will receive an additional 10% on top of their normal split.

  • Listing Agents may not hand out Opportunities as a Referral to another Agent unless that Agent is a team member of the Listing Agent and all MLS credit and commissions are given to the Listing Agent.

How Are Referrals Distributed?

The rotation of Referrals is organic, based on availability, quality of service and sales performance.


The Principal Broker, BIC, Director of Customer Experience and/or Director of Sales will conduct audits of Referrals and their contact history. The purpose of an audit is to ensure that all inquiries are being responded to in a timely fashion. In addition, the Principal Broker, BIC, Director of Customer Experience, Customer Experience and/or Director of Sales may request from a Buyers’ Agent any information about a particular Referral, such as an update, any missing emails and/or notes for phone calls.