Agent Sign Off Policy

If, for whatever reason, it doesn't work out and we have to part ways, please know we will treat you honorably and with care. We will never steal from you, or tell your clients and prospects that you've moved to another country or changed professions (unless, of course, you have). However, there are procedures that we have to go through if we're signing you off as an agent with Hawaii Life.

  • Your Salesforce account will be shut down in 24 hours. You can export your clients, but all HL leads remain the property of the company and should not be exported. You can export your contacts here. Click "export details" at the top of the report and follow the directions.
  • If you are using TM for your escrows, they will continue to process your files at the current service level. You can send them documents for uploading into Salesforce. They will continue to update you on your timeline, but you will no longer have access to your Salesforce files.
  • If you are not using TM for your files, you will need to hire them for partial service at a cost of $250 (to be paid from your commission at closing). They will upload your documents and close out your file so you can get paid. Your commissions will be paid at your regular split directly from Hawaii Life.
  • Any issues with your existing escrows need to be handled by your HL BIC, (not your new company) as HL is still the broker of record on the files.
  • Your e-mail will remain active for 2 days. Click here to download your google account.
  • Your Zipforms account will be left active until you complete your files with HL so you can access forms. If you need company addenda, email the TM Department. Once you have completed your transactions with Hawaii Life, we will shut down this account, so please export your transactions prior.
  • Your Docusign account will be shut down in 2 days. If you need documents docusigned for your file, please send them to TM to send on your behalf. Since your new brokerage is not involved in these transactions, you should not be using their Docusign to communicate. Docusign is not able to be backed up, but if you ever need access to the envelope, call Docusign directly and they will give you the required documents in the envelope. It is Hawaii Life's policy not to transfer Docusign files as they are required for our permanent record.
  • If you have an open LRE referral, and the client chooses to follow you to another brokerage, you will owe Hawaii Life a referral fee of 50% at closing.